WeaponsMan Blog Names ArmsVault Weapons Website of the Week


WeaponsMan Names ArmsVault Weapons Website of the Week

Atlanta, GA – (ArmsVaultNetwork.com) – ArmsVault is proud to announce that the WeaponsMan Blog has named ArmsVault the Weapons Website of the Week.

Of course, we love receiving positive feedback on the ArmsVault site,” stated ArmsVault Founder, Greg Summers. “That feedback is extra special when it comes from a fellow gun blogger. If you aren’t familiar with the WeaponsMan Blog, I certainly encourage you to check it out. You’ll be sure to find plenty of weapons-related articles that will keep you busy for hours!

ArmsVault Named Weapons Website of the Week

WeaponsMan is a blog about weapons. Primarily ground combat weapons, primarily small arms and man-portable crew-served weapons. The site owner is a former Special Forces weapons man (MOS 18B, before the 18 series, 11B with Skill Qualification Indicator of S), and you can expect any guest columnists to be similarly qualified.”

“Our focus is on weapons: their history, effects and employment. This is not your go-to place for gun laws or gun politics; other people have that covered.”

About ArmsVault:

Since 2006, ArmsVault has been connecting gun owners to the gun industry via the ArmsVault Network of gun sites. In addition to their gun information sites, ArmsVault also provides marketing support for companies in the gun industry. For more information, visit ArmsVault.com.


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