Gun Industry Advertising

Gun Industry Advertising

What You Get When You Advertise With Us

ArmsVault Network (AVn) offers several gun industry advertising options. And when you advertise with us, you get much more than a cost effective way to put your website in front of a huge audience of gun enthusiasts. You also get the confidence that comes from knowing we will do all we can to generate awareness for your company.

Sites Available for Advertising

We are in the process of updating our sites to a new-and-improved format. If a site has not been updated, some advertising options may not be available on that site until the update is complete.

If the following link is active, the site has been updated to our new format.


Advertising Options

Option 1:

    • Includes listing on Supporters Page
    • Eligible to list discount & coupon codes on our Discounts Page (if applicable)
    • Discount on press release distribution

Option 2:

    • Includes all of Option 1
    • Standard Banner on side of pages (234×60, non-animated)

Option 3:

    • Includes all of Option 1
    • Large Banner on side of pages (234×234, non-animated)

Option 4:

    • Includes all of Option 1
    • Medium Banner at top of pages (468×60, can be animated)
    • These are rotating ads that are very limited in quantity

Banner Samples

Banner Sizes - Gun Industry Advertising

The Fine Print

  • Advertising on the ArmsVault Network is limited to companies in the gun, knife, and tactical markets.
  • We reserve the right to suspend an advertisement if the website associated with the ad:
    • Is no longer active
    • Has changed in format/content that we feel no longer corresponds with our goal of providing gun-related information.
  • Advertisements are non-refundable